Tuesday, February 16, 2010


While the new site is being worked on I have created a Wonderboy fan page over on facebook, also check out Samir's submission to the ZUDA! comics contest. I'll let the man himself tell ya!

"It's finally here! TECHNO INSECTO! My original 8 page comic got picked up by Zudacomics to be in their monthly competition, if it wins then I get to continue the series! So do me a favor and go vote!!! Read the comic, and if ya want more, the only way to get it is if I win so get on over to http://zudacomics.com/ , you got all February to vote. (PS, in order to vote you have to create a login name, it litterally takes seconds and it allows you to look at cool comics for free! sounds like a cool deal to me!)"

Do him a solid and VOTE!